cwrsync 4.0.4 to UNC Paths

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It seams to me that handling of UNC paths changed since the last version i used. After some pain i am now able to sync from europe to china again. Here are some hints for other poor souls that may prove helpfull:

* If you are using rsync on windows to sync to an UNC Path (\\server\some\path) on the receiving end – be sure to run the service as an account that can access the share. In my case a domain user was needed, the local service account  (svccwrsync) failed of course

* UNC Paths worked previously like this (in rsyncd.donf):
path    = \\fshsmsxxx\d$\Public Share\Engineering\somePath

Not any longer. Now with rsync 3.07 its
path    = //fshsmsxx/d$/Public Share/

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