rsync on windows chown failed: Invalid argument (22)

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Using cwrsync 4.04 a lot of  “chown failed: Invalid argument (22)” showed up.

After some research the following tricks removed those annoying erros:

In rsyncd.conf set user and group to :
uid = 0
gid = 0

in the rsync call, replace -a (which is short for -rlptgoD (recursive, copy symlinks, preserve permissions, preserve modification times,  preserve group,  preserve owner , preserve device files,preserve special files  ) )
with -rt (recursive, preserve times)

Now using
rsync –super –recursive –delete –compress –times testSource CWsync@targetServer::testDestination

see for details

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  1. random cywin frustration

    Thanks, man, for showing up in Google with this solution. Unbelievable annying cygwin problems, always. It seems to mee like they are not usig their own shit.

  2. random cywin frustration on windows

    Again me, you know what, cygwin devs are real sadists, I think.
    if you use rsync, you still will have the problem with that annoying (22) error, no matter what – but it is the CLIENT that is producing this error. You have to read these threads to understand, how crazy things are done – to make it short, you have to put etc/fstab ONE DIR LEVEL ABOVE your actual rsync exe!!! No docs anywhere about this crazy default behaviour. cygwin is such a timesink. I hate it. But I hate windows too for not delivering a rsync compatible thing, it is just totally frustrating and annoying how much time on this planet is wasted because of stubborn, thickheaded antisocial big companies.
    Yes, of course I use linux everywhere i can – bu I can not use it everywhere, unfortunately. I will try to change it as hard as possible – eradicate that stupid other os asap!
    look here for the rsync terror:

  3. random cywin frustration on windows

    i posted here, not because you are so cool, but because you are on google quite on top if searching for that cygwin error. so this is not for YOU – it os for the thousands of windows+cygwin victims in the world who come across your site because they have the same problem- hopefully they will save a few hours of time and can do something that makes sense then with the time, e.g. help anybody to feel good.
    so please let the comment here as long you are so top on goog with your blog for this cygwin issue, thanks!

  4. Klaus

    I feel your pain.

    The reason i keep my notes up is to look it up myself and maybe get some good karma for help other poor souls out.

  5. steve

    just want to chime in and keep you on top of google as well. thank you, klaus!

  6. pierre

    -rt instead of -a worked.

    Added –chmod=ugo=rwx to command line to overcome access rights issue.



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